About Japan’s Four periods. Japan possess four seasons: springtime, summer, fall and winter season.

The aesthetic alterations in characteristics like cherry flowers in spring season or yellow and yellowish dried leaves in the autumn months are part of Japan’s charms. Why don’t we discover more about seasonal variations specific to Japan.

The four conditions in Japan

In Japan, twelve months was divided into four menstruation. The period from March to May are spring, June to August was summer, Sep to November is the autumn months, and December to March is cold temperatures. According to the season, the temperature and climate vary notably.


Frigid weather elements gets considerably serious and also the environment steadily becomes warmer. Spring season are a comfy period. Even though it can frequently incorporate powerful gusts of wind, simple fact is that best energy for touring.

Occasions in spring

The symbolic scenery of spring season in Japan is, in any event, cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom viewing events can be held at most spots famous for their unique cherry blossoms. The most effective time for looking at cherry flowers in Tokyo is normally from later part of the March to early April.


From the end of June towards the center of July, they frequently rains and becomes chilly while the temperature briefly falls. This era is known as baiu or tsuyu, indicating the rainy month. As soon as the rainy season is finished, that time period is named baiu-ake or tsuyu-ake. Following the rainy season is finished, the temperatures jumps up and full-fledged summer comes. Sunshine becomes intense.

Temperature swells in Japan

Not only can there become intensive sunshine and large temperature ranges, but large dampness can also be distinctive of summer in Japan. If you think about touring in Japan in this season, you ought to be prepared for Japan’s severe summertime and shield yourself from the summer time heat.

Events during the summer

With regards to summer activities in Japan, summertime festivals and fireworks include popular. From July to August, summertime festivals take place across Japan, in which individuals holding a mikoshi (a portable shrine) on the shoulders parade through a town. At shores and riverbanks, fireworks series take place, where aerial fireworks is lit and shade the evening sky brilliantly.


The heat becomes less serious therefore the heat falls. The atmosphere will get drier, but it is an appropriate season. Similar to cherry flowers in spring season, the autumn months hues furthermore draw in a lot of visitors. Internet famous for their fall makes like Kyoto, Nara or Nikko being packed with several travelers looking for them.

Events in the autumn months

In November in Tokyo, foliage of deciduous trees become reddish or yellow and delight in fall leaves from inside the mountains and over the avenue. Also, different social events are held in this month.

Cold Temperatures

In December, the temperature drops much more you feel cold.

From end of December, the chill will get more serious and from January to March, it is far from unheard of for conditions to drop below zero. Inside Hokuriku, Tohoku and Hokkaido segments, snow accumulates. It often snows seriously in Tokyo, depending on the 12 months.

Occasions in wintertime

December 31st is called Omisoka, indicating new-year’s Eve. There is certainly a custom of consuming noodles at nighttime thereon day. The 3 era after the new year begins is jointly known as ‘shogatsu.’ Folks have Japanese New Year’s cooking called Osechi-ryori and take in sake to commemorate the 12 months.

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